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January 2017 - The Centuri collection is up for sale! - Message me for details. Alot has been sold already.


2nd October 2015 - Thanks to the recent donations.


2nd May 2014


Site has been renewed for another 2 years.



2nd September 2011


New updates to the site, check out the manuals pages.



25th November 2010


Having just renewed the site again for another year, thanks again to previous donations. The site was down for a few days while my provider made some changes to all my other sites. So apologies if you couldnt access it. Ive had quite a few emails from visitors with various requests, if you havent heard back from me yet, I will reply soon. I have also decided to do a couple of updates because of the renewal. Updates to pages for Challenger , Circus Charlie



November 2009 (18th & 20th)


The site was offline during these days because the hosting had expired. I would like to thank everyone who has supported this site financally over the previous year 2008. Thanks to those donations this site will remain alive for the time being as I have just renewed the hosting again.


December 2008


Having just renewed the hosting for this site for the next year, I am sorry to say it may be the last time I do so. This arcade site is not a business and I dont make any money from doing this, Im just an enthusiast so if you feel this site has been of any use to you.. and want to help keep it going.. i would be grateful of any contributions. If you wish to you can donate using PAYPAL by clicking the button above:


1st November 2008


A couple of nice updates.... After a long time saving (2 years) I finally managed to go to Florida, and on a day trip to Miami we detoured and headed straight down to Hialeah and went on the hunt for the old Centuri Factory. After a mixture of directions I managed to find the industrial site.


Click here to view The Centuri Factory Circa 1980 Click here to view the Centuri Factory (2008) Click here to see my gormless mug outside the Centuri Factory.
Centuri Factory (Circa 1980)
  Centuri Factory (October 2008)
Me outside what was the Centuri Factory


As you can see its not changed much, colour, fencing and now its a working garage for servicing cars.I popped into the garage hopeing to speak to the manager, seems his customers were much friendlier than him. He said he had been there 15 years and didnt remember a Video Game company being there. Checking out the pictures you can see just below the STEER-TECH sign you can see where the vents in the 1980's picture have been removed and filled up. There is only one sign that is original and thats a shipping sign above the loading entrance.


28th January 2008


I have now purchased the following domains... these are all Centuri related... . / / / they all point back to the main site. Ive have managed to get some new photos of centuri history these will soon be posted.


29th December 2007


Recent purchases have been Hyper Sports artwork, The Pit Bezel, and Locomotion Bezels.I have had two deals fallen thru on both a Hyper Sports cabinet and Track N Field Cabinet... Some people arent serious when it comes to shipping from the US to the UK which is dissapointing. If you have one of these cabs even in need of restoration.. and you are happy to ship then please let me know.

I also missed out on a Munchmobile recently on ebay... only to find the winner sold it again a few weeks later and wouldnt sell outside the US.


29th May 2007


Seems quite a few months have passed without any updates., however things have not been quiet. Ive been going thru all my centuri game boards and testing them all and selling any duplicates as well as repairing any that have come up faulty. While doing this I have video'd each game as I have tested it in my Swimmer cab using the 2nd loom i installed into it. Anyway... I have added videos into Locomotion, Route 16 , Round-Up and The Pit sections, with more to follow. Thanks to those who have also provided me with extras to add to the site. I have not forgotten and will update soon. Thanks again for your interest.


27th January 2007


Well I have completed rebuilding the Swimmer project cab i had purchased some time back.

I fitted a new Wells Gardner monitor into it, I have also added a second loom to the cabinet, the

original wiring is all complete and the game is fully working using that. The second loom is a

jamma loom that is available by turning a switch inside the coin door.

This allows me to test my Centuri pcbs and any other pcbs I have without messing with the cab.


12th January 2007


Happy New Year to you all! - Sorry have not updated much but Ive been quite busy over the festive season. My original Aztarac Marquee arrived thanks to Firefox off #arcade on IRC. I have finally dismantled my Swimmer cab so It can be put in my games room. You can check out its progress here! In the meantime I have secured deals on two more cabs to add to my collection. Both cabs are project cabs, the first being Circus Charlie the seconds being Track & Field. I will post images of them shortly.


26th November 2006


Spent a little time updating the Centuri information page, I have added a couple of people to the staff list after further research.

Ive also found out that the Centuri was actually owned by a large NY financial group, but fronted by some of the people i have contacted. Check out the interviews links. I have now finally put online the Bill Olliges email interview, he was partially responsible for the creation of Centuri, you can check out the email interview here.


24th November 2006


Ive been going back thru my emails to see what I have missed, a while back I came across some images of brand new Centuri games still in there original boxes. The games are a Swimmer cocktail, The Pit cocktail and a Tunnel Hunt. Photos with kind permission of


Click to access Swimmer images  Click to access The Pit images


New In Box Swimmer & The Pit cocktail tables - How cool is that?


19th November 2006


Site is now back online and working correctly under its new hosting arrangments. Currently the Centuri Register os OFFLINE until i remake the SQL database. Ive also gone through a couple of pages, Locomotion, Phoenix, Guzzler etc, to fixed any broken links. Id like thank the following two websites that decided to review this site and promote it on there own sites.

The first site is called, the editor there James McGovern has written some wonderful things about this site. Click the link to check out the review.

The second site is called ClassicGaming my site was mentioned in the news archive for November 2006 again click the link to check them out.


Off the back of that, if you run a website thats sells, makes, reviews, or has tie ins with ANYTHING Centuri, then please drop me a line I am more than happy to link my site to yours. So if you make reproduction artwork, panels, repairs pcbs etc.. email now.. the address is on the contacts page.


15th November 2006


Problems with the site, I have just changed hosting plans, and im having major problems uploading to the site.If you new to the site please come back in a few days and everything should be sorted. So sorry if half the site seems missing at the moment.


5th October 2006


Wow, ive been spending some time tracking down some names I had received from my previous email interviews. I have managed to come up trumps and have managed to interview Bill Olliges. He and a guy called Ed Miller were responsible for the creation of Centuri !, I will be adding some of the interview online shortly so keep your eyes peeled. Result!


21st September 2006


Ok its been a while without any updates. The reason for this is I have been buying lots of jamma cabs and stripping them for spare monitors for my centuri games. Swimmer shall be making a presence in the game room soon. So pop back for some photos as I dismantle the cab and rebuild it for the games room. Still trying to track down the owner of the converted Vanguard cabinet thats currently a Mr Do, it is somewhere in the UK, if you know drop me an email!


22nd July 2006


Ive now added some more videos of certain games, to start with Gyruss and Pleiades. These are being hosted thanks to YouTube. Check them out! Ive also ditched the Nedstat counter, as it was putting popups onto my website. So thats gone, so no more popups!.


17th June 2006


Nearly a month and I havent updated anything, so I have spent some time on the Unknown / Conversions page, it nows contains loads of photos of Centuri games that have been converted to something else, or are undocumented on wether they were actually licensed by Centuri. I also purchased off Ebay US a control panel that was originally for Challenger but had been covered over with another overlay and piece of perspex to hide its identity, still a bit more to clean up before I can scan the artwork in.


Converted Challenger Control Panel

Revealing what hides underneath, Challenger!


29th May 2006


The front page was replaced, I removed the flash intro as it was pretty lame. Ive stuck with a simple logo between two cabinets. I have since managed to get a another spare Tunnel Hunt PCB for my Tunnel Hunt cabinet. Currently this pcb is with a friend in the US and should hopefully be shipped to me soon. It seems the counter I am using on the bottom of some of the web pages is causing annoying popups so I may remove that soon. Thanks to all the recent positive emails I have been getting about the site, I shall be updating more areas this week as I have got some time off work. So watch this space.


1st May 2006


Today I found that the links to the manuals on the pages for each game werent working. The main manuals page was fine, but I had not updated the links on the individual pages. Shows really that this site should be a bit more dynamic in some areas. Anyway ive now updated the links for each game, I am still missing a couple of PDF's, so if you can help please email them to me.


23rd April 2006


The Centuri Register is born. Im in my early days of programming in PHP and using databases online, but I have now added a online register for adding the serial numbers of Centuri games. Click here to see the first entries to the list. You can sort the list by game, owner, etc. If people start to submit there machines I will look at making the database a bit more friendly. The point of this register is to give me some idea of the quantity of machines that were manufactered by Centuri. If you own a Centuri game, converted or not.. you can find the serial number stapled on a small label normally inside the cabinet once you have removed the back door.


25th March 2006


Updated the images on the Munchmobile page, with still more to go on thanks to Debi Beasley.


4th March 2006


Updated the highscores (Look for this image at the bottom of each game page and hover your mouse over it to see the high score for that game.) section on all games now, hovering your mouse over the high score will given you the correct recorded high score for that game. Updated images for Track and Field, the cabinet image was kindly supplied by Steve Skez from rgvac newsgroups. Still looking for a photo of a Mikie Cabinet, somebody must have one.


13th February 2006


Result today! - Joel Hochberg finally replied to my email interview, I will put the contents online shortly. The outcome from the email has provided me with some more names of people who worked at Centuri. This of course means more research, so watch this space!


11th February 2006


Updated the following pages, Pleiades, Rip Off, Munchmobile, and the unknown cabs pages. Stumbled across some Circus Charlie cocktail photos on ebay last week. Never seen one of them before. Pics coming soon!


28th January 2006


Working thru the pages slowly taking out any mistakes and making sure all the links are working ok. Moved my own collection of games around in the current games room. Will be updating some of the side art images for both Phoenix and Pleiades now I better access to move them about. The 'TYPES' aspect of my site is not correct at the moment..well in some places it is.. but in most it isnt please bear with me.


15th January 2006


Finally made this website open to the public, a few people from UKVAC were allowed to access it on the 12th of Jan, but now its open for all.

Its obviously not ready in some areas, but I have loads of stuff archived ready to add so watch this space!. Or email me and request what you may be looking for.


10th January 2006


Received an email from Joel Hochberg stating he will be in touch with me shortly.. looking forward to the reply on that one. Dont think I will be completely ready for the 12th of Jan to relaunch site but I should be as damn near.


2nd January 2006


Result today, received an email from Gene Lipkin (ex Atari Vice President, ex Allied Leisure), Gene kindly answered all my questions in an email interview. I will be updating any facts that he cleared up on the site shortly.


1st January 2006


Today I set the date of the 12th of January as my release date of this website, if youre reading this before hand what have you been up to?. Anyway I photod most of my centuri pcbs today, large images of them under the particular games section on this site.


28th December 2005


Filling in the missing details for the games. Still lots to go, scanned in the missing covers to some of my manuals and in the process stumbled on two large folders of Allied Leisure manuals, Warranty cards, and other paperwork. Created some 404 pages so any dead links will be rerouted back to the main site. I managed to track down a couple of ex-allied / centuri people, Gene Lipkin (Allied, DataEast, Atari, Sega) and Joel Hochberg (Centuri, Rare-Coin Inc).. sent them an email each with hope of some reply .. I doubt it .. but you never know.



8th December 2005


Started putting on more sections into the website, brief research on Allied Leisure is now online. Being a collector of all things Centuri, i thought I should grace you with a couple of pictures from my collection of Centuri arcade machines that i have in the UK. Yes thats right if you havent already noticed this site is owned by a UK collector. I currently own 8 Centuri cabinets, and nearly every Centuri game PCB. I also have a large collection of Centuri Marquee, Artwork, Control Panels, Coin Doors, Manuals and Flyers.


A small selection of my own personal collection of arcade machines



From left to right.. [ Centuri Pleiades, Centuri Phoenix, UK Track & Field, UK Mr Do, Mini Outrun ]


1st December 2005


Finally after about 6 months I add a Tunnel Hunt cabinet to my collection of Centuri cabs, A long story behind this one but a few people thanks to are: Seth from #arcade and also Andy Welburn of Andys Arcade. Andy delivered the cab late this December evening in the pouring rain with Rav of Retrokade after spending all day moving his own collection back to Luton. Some images of it will appear here soon!


27th November 2005


While looking through my archives of centuri images, I stumbled across this image of a line of Centuri cabs sat in a warehouse in the US somewhere.


Warehouse with lineup of centuri cabs.


The line up from right to as far as my eye can see is .. 2 x Time Pilots, 1 x Phoenix, 1 x Route16, 1 x Pleiades, 2 x Swimmers, 2 x D Days, 1 x Aztarac, 2 x Vanguards (possibly). Not forgetting the corner of an Atari Tempest!


20th November 2005


Started uploading some of the new areas of the site. These included the gallery style games selection screen. I have also uploaded the first games page for Aztarac. Includes loads of photos and even a video clip of a working machine.


1st November 2005


As you can see the site has a new look and lots added to it. It will now have been 3 years running this site and I thought it about time I did some updating.


28th October 2005


Re-birth commences, today I decided to re design the website. It has been neglected for over a year. So here goes!


You can see how the wesbite has progressed over the years below, if you lucky click any of the screenshots to see if the site is accessable via the


Click here to view previous versions of my website. - The birth in 2001 - In 2002 - 2003 to 2004
Version 1 - 2001
Version 2 - 2002
Version 3 - 2003 - 2004




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