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Only Centuri Swimmer in the UK

Author of this site stands next to the only Swimmer in the UK. Thanks go to Archer McLean for shipping it to the UK for me.


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Recently found locked away for 20 years, a brand new Swimmer cocktail table still in original box.

Pictures by kind permission of


swimmer - Marquee / Topsign / Header / Top Flash


Centuri Marquee


This is a type A marquee produced for this centuri game.


swimmer - Cabinet / Cab / Machine / Unit


Swimmer Cabinet


This is a type A cabinet with type B artwork.


Note the missing swimmer log on this cabinet as it was used for a conversion. !!


This is a type A cabinet with type B artwork.

Swimmer Kick Panel Artwork



swimmer - Controls / Control Panel / Joystick



Control Panels


This is a type B control panel




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This is a type B set of game boards



swimmer - Rarity?




This game is classed as 7/10 on the RARE scale.



swimmer - Facts / Trivia



  • The highest score officially recorded for this game was 135150 Points and this was done by gastrainga on 08/11/2004. To see his score put your mouse cursor over the spinning score.


swimmer - Videos



Low Res swimmer Video Clip
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Additional Game Imagery



Screen Shot 1



Screen Shot 2



Game Flyer Front



Game Flyer Back


Bezel Screen Shot


Bezel Screen Shot



Bezel Screen Shot 2


Bezel Screen Shot 2



Bezel Screen Shot 3


Bezel Screen Shot 3