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  • Year Released: 1981
  • Licenced: Centuri
  • Type: Colour Raster Game
  • Screen Orientation: Vertical
  • Production Numbers: 500
  • Play Type: Single player upto 2 players alternating
  • Controls: Buttons
  • Coin Door: Single Door
  • Cabinet Types: Upright
  • Cabinet Size U/R: H: 179.7 W: 64.8 D: 76.2
  • Weights: U/R: 141 Kg
  • Artwork: Vinyl Sides & CPO

Do you accept the challenge?

Huge energy ringds approach your spaceship from all sides. You prepare your defense. The moment arrives. You unleash your awesome tripple guns and success... a direct hit ... but wait ... you haven't destroyed the rings but split them as they continue to approach. The multiplied energy masses continue their relentless approach closing off your defense ... there appears to be no escape ... except ... the warp! Activate the switch and transcend your ship to the other side of the screen. The energy rings quickly respond to your moves and the assault continues. Tension mounts as strange "Space Bogeys" join the foray weakening your already beleaguered defense ... you have the power, but should you use it ... the onslaught continues ... you have no choice.

Game Play Screen Shot
Game Play Screen Shot
Game Play Screen Shot
Game Play Screen Shot

Game Features

Feature 1

The Spaceship is further protected by a feature called a "Warp" button. By depressing this button, the Spaceship will relocate from the top or bottom of the screen to the opposite side.

Feature 2

If the Spaceship is in ultimate danger of being destroyed, releasing its Super Bomb will wipe out all the objects on the playfield, and add the point value of the objects to your score. Use of the Super Bomb is awarded per Spaceship.

Feature 3

At any time a colourful Space Bogey resembling a Worm may appear on screen and proceed to chase the Spaceship. If the Worm is destroyed by Spaceship fore, or dodged sucessfully for several seconds, a "clang" is heard and the Worm wriggles off the screen in a bright red hue of embrarrassment. If the Spaceship is caught by the Worm, a bell is sounded and the astronaut is chased out of his ship in pursuit of safety.

Feature 4

At random time intervals a Bonus Bug will walk across the playfield, stop, and countdown a Bonus Number. This number is equal to 100 times its value. To receive this Bonus, the Spaceship must link with the nose of the Bonus Bug.

Feature 5

When the Spaceship has survived 50 seconds of playing time, it now enters the challenges of the next sector.

Feature 6

The remaining 15 sectors are played in the same manner as Sector One, When Sector 16 has been accomplished it will return to Sector 9. When Bonus levels are acheieved, an additional Ship will be added to your game.


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