Allied Leisure / Allied Leisure Industries


The company was formed in November 1968 by two guys called Ron Haliburton and Dave Braun. Inititally the games produced by Allied were only electromechanical and solid state pinballs but in March 1973 they produced a video game called Paddle Battle this was clone to Atari's success called PONG, and it is alleged it actually outsold the Atari version. Pinballs created by Allied were mainly sold under the name Allied Leisure Industries or ALI for short.


Allied Leisure Staff
Dave Braun

Ron Haliburton

Chief Designer
Jack Pearson
ELM / Arcade Designer
Troy Livingstone
Pinball Designer
Gene Lipkin
Sales Manager
Arnold A Fisher
Richard Shaw


Allied Leisure Games
Paddle Battle
March 1973
20,000 Units Built
Tennis Tourney
July 1973
17,000 Units Built
Super Soccer
November 1973
Used a 22" display
April 1974
October 1974
February 1975
Plays against its self.
Street Burners
May 1975
2 Player car racing
October 1975
1st Ski game ever!
Fire Power November 1975 Tank shooter
November 1976
Rapid firing planes.
June 1976
Pure dogfight action
Clay Shoot
October 1976
Intro of type A cabinet
Space Chip
January 1979


In 1974 The ALI production facility suffered a terrible fire resulting in most of the stock being destroyed. In less than 3 months a new facility was built and factory output was back at full production


In November 1979 Allied Leisure had a change in company. Many of the original people no longer worked there and had gone to work with rival games makers, such as Atari and Midway. It was at this point Allied Leisure Industries was no more and a guy called Joel Hochberg spawned there name to Centuri Inc.


Allied were based in the Hialeah area of Florida.


Allied Leisure Industries Inc

P.O. Box 4928 (1780 West 4th Ave)

Florida 33014


TEL. #(305) 558-5200 (IN FLORIDA)
TEL. #(800) 327-7710 (OUTSIDE FLORIDA)
TELEX: 803694 ANSB



Photo Thumbnails of Allied Leisure Arcade Video Games.





Allieds RobotAllieds SkiAllieds Street BurnersAllieds Super Soccer


Allieds Tennis Tourney


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