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  • Year Released: 1980
  • Licenced: Exidy Inc.
  • Type: Colour Raster Game
  • Screen Orientation: Horizontal
  • Production Numbers: unknown
  • Play Type: Single player upto 2 players alternating
  • Controls: Joystick & Buttons
  • Coin Door: Type 4
  • Cabinet Types: Cocktail
  • Cabinet Size C/T: H: 99 W: 63.5 D: 90.2
  • Weights: C/T: 111.5 Kg
  • Artwork: Reserve Screen Printed

Now, even bigger profits from a cocktail-table model of Targ, by Centuri.

Targ is the latest fantasy adventure game manufactured in a sit-down cocktail table style, and the new format means a whole new market for the popular game of excitement,skill and adventure.

Game Play Screen Shot
Game Play Screen Shot
Game Play Screen Shot


Play Action

The heroic "Wummel" in the players green spaceship travels in columns and rows created by the squares of the Crystal City. His mission is to destroy the shrewd blue Spectar Smuggler [who rarely raids the city] and to dodge and destory the angry red Targs, who defend the secret hiding place of the Spectar

For One or Two Players

You land your spacecraft on the unknown terrain. With the aid of lasers the tedious tunneling begins, being ever so careful not to unlodge rocks that block your path. The lure for treasure grows stronger as you find "Blue Gem Crystals" in some tunnels. It can't be far off.

One Small Step for Peace

Each Spectar hit, 100 to 500 points are awared, while the red Targs are worth 10 points each. When all Targs are hit, 1000 bonus points are awarded and then each Targ hit increases by 10 points. This bonus continues to increase by 1000 and Targ hits by 10, incrementally

Bring 'em Back Alive'

You meet your fellow space prospecter face toface... you fire first, disintegrating the felon... you hasten your quest for the treasure... you must reach it first.

Before Your Very Eyes

The treasure chamber is sighted... you blast through and your wildest dreams are satisfied... there lies the treasure for taking. Quickly you gather your bounty while avoiding the crash rocks...


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  • The highest score officially recorded for this game was 91330 Points and this was done by Bill Richards.
  • Targ Game Demonstration
  • This game was only ever released as a cocktail table by Centuri.
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