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Hyper Sports

  • Year Released: 1983
  • Licenced: Konami
  • Type: Colour Raster Game
  • Screen Orientation: Horizontal
  • Production Numbers: unknown
  • Play Type: Single player upto 4 players alternating
  • Controls: Buttons
  • Coin Door: Up and Over Door
  • Cabinet Types: Upright & Cocktail
  • Cabinet Size U/R: H: 185.4 W: 71.1 D: 81.3
  • Cabinet Size U/R: H: 100 W: 65.4 D: 101.6
  • Weights: U/R: 149.7 Kg C/T: 111.5 Kg
  • Artwork: Vinyl Sides & CPO


The challenge to deliver a follow-up to Track and Field with a fresh, new apporach was just that, but the result HyperSports, will speak for itself.

Game Play Screen Shot
Game Play Screen Shot
Game Play Screen Shot
Game Play Screen Shot



100M Freestyle. Speed is important. But, you must breathe. If not, youll take on water and slow down.

Skeet Shooting

Either "Go" button controls this event. Stay in the squares. Timing and accuracy are important.

Long Horse

Build up speed. Use the "Up" button to jump from ramp and vault from horse. If you somersault in the airand land on your feet, you may qualify.


Both the degree of angle and wind direction are critical in this event. Push the "Go" button to stop the wind reel; press the "Up" button to shoot and hold to control the angle.

Triple Jump

This event also requires you to build up speed, and the angle at which you jump is critical for the hop, step and jump.

Weight Lifting

There are eight classes, from flyweight (150Kg) to super heavy-weight (280Kg) Select your weight division. Keep tapping the "Go" button to lift the weight. Press the "Up" button at the properposition to jerk and clean the weight.

Pole Vault

The easiest-looking event, yet possibly the hardest. It takes a truly conditioned athlete to perform well.


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The highest score officially recorded for this game was 538340 Points and this was done by Kelly Kobashigawa
  • Hyper Sports Game Demonstration