A bit about the company


Centuri - We're Inventing What The Future Will Bring.



Centuri Inc originally started out as a company called Allied Leisure around 1979 and were based in Florida, USA. Under the name Allied Leisure and Allied Leisure Industries Inc they created gaming machines between the period of 1972 and 1979. These included pinballs, electromechanical arcade games and video arcade games.


In November 1979 Allied Leisure changed there name to Centuri Inc at the same time the boom in video games was about to really hit the world. This date is also rumoured to be Tuesday July 29th 1980 instead.


Centuri designed there own style of cabinets to house games they licensed from other game makers such as Tehkan International Corp, Shin Nihon Kikaku, Amstar Electronics Corp amongst many.


The now new named company released games from late 1979 until 1984 when the arcade boom was nuked!.


In 1981 Centuri Inc was included amongst the top 6 video arcade suppliers alongside such companies as Midway Manufacturing, Atari Inc, Williams Electronics.



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